Nathaniel Brunt is an award-winning interdisciplinary scholar, photographer and archival artist. His photographic and academic work critically examines modern armed conflict and the way it is, and has been, represented photographically. Trained as a cultural historian and documentary photographer, he is interested in the manner in which individuals, institutions and groups understand and make sense of their worlds visually during wartime.

In fall 2017, Nathaniel was an Alexia Foundation visiting scholar at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in the Communication and Culture program at Ryerson University. His doctoral research is supported by the Canadian federal government’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation.

Nathaniel is the recipient of several academic and photographic grants and awards, including the CONTACT Portfolio Reviews Award, IVSA John Rieger Award, PDN Photo Annual Student Award, and Alexia Foundation Student Award for his ongoing multi-year documentary and archival projects. While diverse in format, Nathaniel’s work is connected by a commitment to producing creative and academic projects that personalize the often-abstract nature of modern war.